No One’s Coming To My Blog – The Whys And Wherefores Of Seo

What is the best post retirement job? It might be a consultant. If you are retired then chances are you are an expert at something, whether it be accounting, marketing, sales, personal finance, or construction business’ and individuals are out there in need of advice.

This is what I love about Katie Freiling — social media, blogging, and personal development coach in the online home business industry: she takes on a no nonsense approach to marketing, and posts great, short and snappy quality content. You always want to take her advice!

Man, by far YouTube is the number one preferred go to site for video. Just take a look at all the various trending videos that are going on in YouTube and look at the tons of views they get. Believe, it or not, there are people out there actually making a living off the darn YouTube. Whatever your niche, when you upload a video make sure to add your targeted keywords in your title, description, and tags. Do the same thing for the other video sites you use for maximum traffic.

“What in the heck is a “Discover new ideas?” I asked my daughter 18 months ago. Today I’m proud to say that I’ve actually been able to rake in as much as a thousand dollars on a single post.

Put your content and links on the site. Sometimes, you will be able to submit an article (hubpages, squidoo, etc), other times you will only be able to change your status and post a link in status (twitter, hi5, etc) and other times bookmark it (digg, mister wong etc). Example: We are going to choose hubpages. we will build an article (a good quality article) that has links to our new personal blog posts. We will build for a week or two, each and every they a new hub pointing to our new posts.

3) Complete your Profile: Each site that you will join will ask you to fill your profile. This profile is all about your economical and social profile. They will ask you about your interest, your education, family etc. This profile helps these sites to select best surveys for you. In order to get good surveys you must complete this profile. Although this is a hectic process, but it is very useful.

Syndication Sucks – Contrary to popular belief by the guru’s, syndicating your content to multiple article directories does nothing but hurt you. Yes, 3 years ago this worked like gangbusters for bringing in tons of traffic.

Downsizing and layoffs are creating an overflow of qualified candidates. Companies can be picky, not so good for those who are fighting for a select amount of positions. It’s one case where supply and demand actually favor the companies. Career Diva and MS-NBC columnist, Eve Tahmincioglu writes about this in her article, Bad Economy = Better Job Applicants. Also check out her article, Women with Kids need not Apply on a political blunder of a statement which screams for some PC training and mouthwash.