101 Ways To Mold Your Mind

You’ve probably had a conversation about that question at one time or another. Maybe you had a friend tell you the same story several times or have seen another person look for their eyeglasses when they were sitting on their head – or perhaps you misplaced your keys and later found them in an unlikely place such as the refrigerator. When people age, their mental acuity seems to decrease, but does this have to be a consequence of growing older? Here are some ways that you can stop the aging process and preserve your mental faculties.

As it pertains to the process of mind renewal, the Bible Principle of Confession must be applied. Others call this, affirmations. But check your dictionary and you will discover affirmations are confessions and vice versa.

Cultivate the habit of looking at everything constructively. Believe that the best is going to happen. Optimism is a builder. Our insanité d’esprit succession grow and thrive in it just as the plants and trees grow and thrive in the sunshine. If you want to be happy and wealthy, you must think the happy and abundance thoughts and not limit yourself.

As these influences become internalized, and become part of who we are, it is hard even to see that they are there. So it may be fun to point the finger at the impaired mental faculties external influences of advertising and political propaganda but the influences with the real power are the ones that are already inside us. Why do Democrats believe Democratic propaganda and Republicans believe Republican propaganda? If we seriously want to change the world, it is those deeper influences that we need to change.

Eat a healthy diet because the effects of choosing the wrong foods don’t just affect your heart. A bad food choice will impact your entire body – not just one part of it. Some foods can actually weaken the arteries that lead to your brain, giving you an increased risk of strokes. Eating healthy foods also helps your brain, so remove the junk food from your diet and concentrate on replacing it with foods that are nutritious and tasty.

Today, the emphasis on time has become more pronounced. And so while time has contracted, work has expanded. The only way to keep up is to work through increased capacity – in short through going over all your reading material in double quick time.

The act of self inquiry is to be constantly asking questions: Why am I doing what I am doing? Why do I get this result? These questions act as filters and help prevent any kind of negative thinking to take a permanent and long lasting hold.

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