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Jon has 5 films in pre-production and 2 in development. Jon owns his own Production/Distribution company. I would like to introduce Jon Lee Brody, the future of filmmaking.

Most new phim doanh nghiệp owners are frustrated and stressed. The shipment did not arrive, the workers did not show up, etc. Instead of just realizing this is a new adventure, and there will be ups, downs, and flipsy whirls along the way to success, they tend to be miserable along the way.

I have to say I love me a little Gina and it was cute to see her and Bethenny getting their hooves done. I will throw a huge thank you out to Bravo for NOT having us watch the ‘vaginas waxing’ that Gina was curious about. Thank you, thank you to infinity and back for that Bravo.

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This triggered my memory Business Film about some really significant events in the past and some things I had almost forgotten. That is when I remembered when and what caused me to change my lifestyle.

Seasoned investors offer a lot, they have great real estate software, MLS access, cash, and experience. They offer great resources, knowledge, have title companies and Realtors in their back pockets, and know the other seasoned investors. All the tools of the trade a new investor desires. Furthermore the seasoned investors want new investors to bring them wholesale or bird dog deals. They are looking to make new investor friends.

Bethenny’s next project appears to be Nick the foodie, who I freakin’ love. Nick is the epitome of odd, from his crazy azzed hair to his constant scratching, but I LOVE him. He’s just so sweet and odd all combined in one, oh and he totally GETS it. Loved how he called B out on calling him creepy! How cute was he asking if he could give Bryn his roasted pepper, and I was DYING when B was all roasted pepper would choke Bryn and she would be dead, that would just be awkward for everyone. Let’s see how these two play out together.