Fix Skin Color In A Picture – A Photoshop Tutorial

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This is a very cool new feature. The new Masks Panel is really powerful and it gives you full control over both pixels and vector masks. You can adjust mask density and feathering, easily select noncontiguous objects, and much more.

To focus and recompose, you first must put the subject in the center of the viewfinder where the little red dot lights up when you press the shutter to focus the image. If you press the shutter half way the camera will focus on the subject. Now you can recompose your image and take the shot.

I used Photoshop 1.0 for the digital work on a Macintosh II. My machine had a whopping 32 megs of Ram and a un-calibrated 13 inch monitor. In Photoshop, back then, there were no layers, there was no history, there were no Datat Masking Software and there wasn’t even a pen tool to create clipping paths (at least at don’t remember one).

When you set your camera to a slower shutter speed, it is very important that you use a tripod. If you don’t, the results of the image you take will appear looking blur.

You should always keep in mind that the added photo will need some shrinking. Never to enlarge them otherwise it will go pixilated and it will appear that it has been added later. Use Free Transformation tool (Ctrl + T) to shrink the figure to a level that fits with others. Press Shift key while doing this. That will prevent the body from distorting.

Step 9) Go back to the original paper layer and will it in with a new pattern by going to New Fill Layer>Pattern. Choose any one you like and then change the blending mode to multiply or overlay. Multiply tends to work better on most images.