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It’s Friday and that means that it is time for Factoid Friday! On Fridays, I’ll provide you with five facts. This is simply because writers and readers seem to love trivia and learning! I know that I do, so five facts are a great amount to learn, hopefully new to you, things. The facts will be bold. My comments will be in plain text.

The Dixie Belle, a 68-ton vessel, is 51+ feet long and carries 122 passengers. One of the current captains, Gregg Smith, says the Dixie Belle replicates an old South sternwheeler. Captain Smith has been piloting this vessel since 2005. When taking this qumran tour from jerusalem, it is easy to step back in time.

It wasn’t anything Effie dead sea tour would ever forget though at times good friends reminded her that she had been his angel in the last few moments before death. But Effie Loren lived her days haunted by Johnnie’s memory and allowed herself to walk in perpetual sadness.

KDS: Yes, the environment can handle it, and this is one of the environments right here that we come to. You go to the gas station you get fuel. You have to go to a place in nature that has the same resonance and attunement for your work. This is a place of healing. Ancients discovered it so we can automatically come here and use it for the same purpose.

My sea tour other thought was instead of just bringing in our own choice of music why not bring in a karaoke machine? I could keep everyone entertained, the doctors, nurses and mom. I suggested that I could perform such numbers as John Cougar’s “Hurt So Good”, Bon Jovi’s “Something For The Pain” or “Born To Be My Baby” or maybe REM’s “Everybody Hurts”.

KDS: In tai chi there are three points of energy. One is called “ching” which is centered around the reproductive organs. The second type is called “chi” which is located near the heart that is concerned with food and air. Ching becomes chi when you are able to take the chi and increase it in volume you create something else that is more refined. That’s called “shen” or spirit. When we talk about energy we need to know what kind of energy. The energy we put into our car? The energy we put into our body? The Chinese ancients came up with three distinct types of energy. Here in Hawaii we talk about healing energy, “Ola” or the life force. This island is called Moku Ola-Island of life and of healing of energy.

Since that cool November evening, when Johnnie came to Prairie Avenue, Grandpa learned that Grandma Effie’s heart had indeed been his from the beginning. And many people who walk the Avenue at night have seen the shadow of a man who still sings the jazzy hymns most churches of his time had banned. Take my Hand, Precious Lord, with perfect pitch.