Four Ways To Save Money Working On Your Own Car

After successful RBZ lines in 2012, what further improvement TaylorMade would make for the new year. Many golfers and observers have speculated about TaylorMade’s strategy for 2013. TaylorMade’s 2013 new line R1 and RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver and Fairway Woods is their response to our expectation. TaylorMade went with new adjustability, new graphics, new shafts options and new names. Say hello to R1 and RocketBallz Stage 2.

Re-assembly time now. I place the new head gasket on the block and carefully align it. I place the head back on the block and then I pick up the new head bolts I had purchased. It is always a good idea to replace used head bolts with new ones. Considering the extremely high torque values employed, those old bolts could very well be stretched just a tiny bit. Stretched just enough that they may be just a tad longer than when new. Just enough that they may have lost their tempering. And that might mean the bolt is actually twisting around it’s own center, instead of threading itself down and clamping the head against he block. Not a chance I am willing to take when for about eleven dollars I can remove any doubt.

Shley Tools manufactures a cam belt tensioner wrench for the 2008 Kia Sportage. The tool is item number UN 120 4500, and as of 2011 retails for $21.15 online from the Car Parts Discount company. The tool is designed for two-pin adjustment tensioners. The “cam belt” is another name for a vehicle’s timing belt. It controls the timing of an internal combustion engine’s valves.

You are now ready to fill the engine with oil, it is best to make sure it is on flat ground when filling. Just take it off the jack stands or the drive on ramps then fill it up to the specified amount. Once your engine is filled with the oil, check to make sure nothing is dripping out of the bottom. If no leaks at this point start the vehicle and run until the oil pressure gauge shows you have pressure, this is usually about five to ten seconds. While running check to see if you have any leaks under pressure, if all is good shut down the vehicle. Check the oil and top off if needed.

The best approach is to use your impact wrench to snug up the nuts. Then go back with a Best Torque Wrench Under 100 and tighten to the manufacturer specifications. Next time you are having your tires rotated or changed, make sure the mechanic uses a torque wrench and the correct torque. Having the proper tools makes all the difference and will extend the life of your car.

Observe where the timing mark on the pulley appears compared to the degree tab on the front of the engine to see what the current ignition timing is. You can remove the timing light components, wheel chocks and bring your car back to its normal state if you are satisfied with the current ignition timing.

I hope this gave you a different view of some items seen at the 2006 Shot Show. I know it’s not complete. There was so much to see and it’s not possible to see it all in any detail. I can only encourage you to attend a future show if the opportunity presents itself.