Get At The Roots! The Top Two Root Causes Of Weight Gain

Are you sick and tired of being overweight? You don’t like the way you look or feel and your nice clothes don’t fit. Most overweight people who are serious about losing weight have tried various diet programs most with little or no success. If they did lose weight it was likely temporary and they regained what they lost plus gained a little more in addition to what they lost. So what is the answer? Is it eating fish and poultry and fruits and vegetables and eating smaller portions the diet for you? I’m sure that diet will work but do most people have the strength and perseverance to stay on such a diet? Not likely. So what is the answer?

High Blood Pressure Medications (Diuretics, Beta Blockers, Alpha Blockers, and Vasodilators) work because they lower your pressure. The problem is that they make it look that you are healthy but are your numbers showing the truth?

If you ever run health tips out of your regular brand of toothpaste and need a quick fix experts say it’s okay to mix baking soda and water to hold you over. The bubbly concoction is actually as good as most major brands of commercial toothpaste. Simply wet your brush and dab the bristles in the baking soda and voila, your teeth are clean!

Learn about the common intestinal parasites in dogs, the health risks associated with them, and how to treat and prevent intestinal parasites. Find the answer to this dog health question in this article.

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Meat contains important nutrients, but there are alternative protein sources that are lower in fat. These can be used to supplement or replace meat protein at some meals for lower calorie, lower fat options. Many vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussel sprouts, are also excellent sources of protein when mixed with whole grains. Legumes, such as beans and lentils, als provide many of benefits of vegetables and are complete protein sources.

“Join a weight loss program: Just remember not all programs are what they claim. Programs should not be overly expensive, should not require you to starve or work yourself to death with some crazy equipment, and should not require you to consume some secret pills or potions. Above all, it should come with a money back guarantee.