Happiness – The Key To An Enjoyable Journey Called Life

In today’s world being happy in life and career seems impossible for many. Clarifying the invisibility of separation between life and career requires you to use a different viewpoint towards both of these essential parts of your existence. One way to achieve this enlightenment is to observe it the “Zen” way.

Now that I’ve made that clear, I can reveal to you that you, a Spirit, are involved in a power struggle. In fact, it is more than a mere struggle; it’s an intense WAR. This war is quite literally the battle of your human existence and it is waged between two powerful spiritual forces that are related, as I mentioned above: Death and learn more. Since you’ve chosen to read this article, the latter of the two is likely winning the fight. But pay close attention; understanding the relationship between these two forces can potentially save your LIFE.

Desire is rooted deep inside of your flesh; right down to the core of your heart. The reason desire is so deeply rooted is because flesh is not a “spiritual” force; that is to say flesh is not spiritual. It knows nothing but needs and wants. It does not reason, it only begs everyday for satisfaction. Essentially your flesh wants to feel good and never feel bad which is another fact that is so elementary bible study groups neglect to workout lifestyle point it out).

But nowadays you don’t have to go to a gym to workout. You can get a full body workout at home. Yes, your own home workout routine. All you need to do is find the right home workout program and you are on your way.

Start your day out with a cardio workout. Get your heart pumping the blood through your body and you will feel great for the rest of the day. When you increase your heart rate, you help your body release the built-up toxins and produce serotonin which can give you a boost of energy and happy feelings. A brisk walk or jog is a great cardio workout. If you do not have good joints, consider a swim or a ride on a bike as your form of cardio workout.

Here’s how to judge your life. Imagine there was a giant scale and you could somehow put all of your activities that supported your desires on one side and all of your activities involving things such as purpose, responsibility, faith, etc. on the other. Which side of the scale would instantly slam to the floor drastically out weighing the other?

Rediscovering your passion for life doesn’t have to be an impossible task. All it takes is for you to recognize the value of your life. Life is short. We only get a few years to enjoy and appreciate the infinite wonders of human existence. Develop a passion for life and you can find meaning at every turn; take it for granted and all you’ll find is emptiness. At the end of the day, the meaning and passion you’ll find in your life depends on which perspective you view life from.