How To Get Massive Traffic With Viral Marketing

You surely know that information as a resource has changed forever. For example, CNN used to spend $10,000,000 every year on Reuters News Service. Over time however, the use of blogs, Facebook and twitter achieved such penetration that using simple systems CNN was able to capture every bit of news using the Internet much faster than Reuters could deliver it. This was so effective that they were able to reduce their Reuters bill to, wait for it, $0. That’s right, they said goodbye to Reuters completely. And that is recent history and a fact.

When news breaks that has viral Internet spread potential it spreads by people duplicating the information over and over. This provides a significant opportunity. If you are able to attach your information as near to the source as possible and on all or as many as possible tweets, blogs, YouTube videos that follow then your message can carry with the original news. So, how do you do this? Well it is really simple. You have someone listening – that is the first step so that you do not miss it. But then you have the resources on hand to blog, tweet, retweet, Facebook, forum post and so on. It is simple work but so, so effective and the earlier you get in the better the result will be.

See where the link is going before you click on it. Most Web browsers have a feature that allows you to see where the link is pointing before you click on it. Put your mouse pointer over the link and look at the bottom of your browser window. The website for the link shows up down there. If the link looks shady, don’t click it.

This is for all those people who want to add illustrations, and color, and formatting… All those bells and whistles cost a lot of money. A good book sells; a fancy book just prolongs the manufacturing process, delaying revenue. Spend your money on marketing instead.

11. If your video is really good and interesting it can easily become a berita viral, you can upload it and offer a download through a file sharing site.

PR – send a press release and articles which describe your video, you can also translate your video to voice and distribute it by audio publishers on the web. Using PR messages can get you better results.

There you have my eclectic list of the top three viral videos that make me smile. The first video makes me feel smart. The second video is just really good music. The third video is perfect in its simplicity and it puts a smile on my face every time I watch it. If you haven’t seen these three viral videos check them out. Maybe you will want to pass them along to your friends. All three videos are available on YouTube.