How To Grow Chives In Your Garden

Let’s assume you’ve got your potting mix, planted your herbs, put them in the sun, and they’re now growing plenty of foliage for you. What now? What do you need to do to keep your home herb garden growing and providing delicious herb-y goodness for you? Read on to find out.

If you are interested in growing herbs for medicinal purposes then do a little research to learn more about these herbs. There are many that have lots of different healing properties. You will find lots of information on the internet and there are some good books available that will tell you all about the many uses of various herbs. Before using medicinal Growing herbs it is always a good idea to check with your physician.

The first option is diet and this could be the easiest and a common process. Under this method, you just have to observe your food intake. In this case, there are foods that needsto be avoided and there are those that should be included in the meals. The method is as simple as that.

When making a potted herb garden you do not have to keep them indoors. It is possible to grow your herbs inside or outside. Either way you choose, you need to know the amount of sun that each plant should have. There are herbs that like full sun, while others grow well when placed in partially shaded areas.

Milk Growing herbs baths are also easy to make. One can use liquid milk or powdered milk to make a skin loving milk soak that is sure to please. If one chooses to use liquid milk, then it should be made in small amounts, refrigerated and discarded within 2 days. Powdered milk baths last longer since there is no moisture content in them other than the fragrance. Most people prefer milk baths made from powdered milk because it lasts longer and does not spoil as liquid milk does.

As mentioned above, herbs can be used for cooking, but there are other uses as well. Herbs are quite fragrant and can be used as potpourri, some have healing qualities and others can be infused into teas. You can dry stalks and hang them around your home as an aromatic decoration. Lavender is particularly wonderful for dry hanging. Catnip is easily grown and will drive your cats crazy. Rosemary is highly fragrant and can be used in soaps or lotions. The list goes on and on.

Growing herbs in pots is so far easier than growing herbs in an outside garden. Of course, they’re always within view and within reach so all you have to do is look after their comfort, and with repeated pruning you will keep them healthy and vigorous.