Human Hair Clip In Extensions – A Different Reason To Try And Dye Them!

People say that hair is the crown of a woman. Therefore women always try to beautify their hair every day. They style their hair with different techniques to present the elegant look. Nowadays, one technique that women love is hair extensions. This is a technique of adding artificial hair to someone’s hair. This hair styling technique enables women to have long hairstyle instantly. It also helps women conceal hair loss.

If you want to make a bold statement, you can always opt for vibrant colors like neon pink, shocking blue, and so on. Bold colors will contrast your hair and create a totally different look. You do not need to fill your head with feathers for a signature look. Moderate amount of extensions used in a particular manner can make the extensions define your hair very well.

Strand-by-strand. The most labor-intensive method of all, involving small clumps of best quality tape hair extensions to be meticulously fastened to your own hair. This is done either by weaving, gluing, fusing, applying using specific waxes or polymers or clamping with metal tubes. The method you choose will depend not only on your hair type, but the effect you want to achieve and your budget. All except clamping involve having chemicals put on your hair.

Clip three tied hair extensions onto this base layer, with the outside two first, then the centre clip in between. Take care not to clip your extensions too close to the scalp as this may pull or cause discomfort.

So let’s say you’re attending a formal event, such as the prom or a wedding. Let’s say you want to wear a dramatic up-do that requires more length and volume than what your real hair currently has. Hair extensions will help you solve the problem of length and volume. If the up-do also requires curling and other forms of styling that your own tresses can’t hold, then you can safely do so with your extensions.

Look through the different auctions for the hair extensions and find the length that you want. Most come in the following lengths: 16″, 18″, 20″, 21″, and 22″. Sometimes you will find the longer, but this is rare and the longer the length of the extensions, the more they will cost you.

For single hair extensions you would use the fusion technique which includes the cold and thermal fusion. When using the cold fusion you would use an ultrasonic wave to soften the bond before you attach it to the root of the natural hair. With thermal fusion you would use heat instead but the extension is applied the same way. This is a good technique for people who have thin hair.