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As a motivational speaker I wanted to become a more effective speaker and leader. After starting a motivational speaking business in 2008 I realized that I needed to become even a better speaker. Toastmasters International is the single best organization I have found in the world after much research to help you develop speaking, listening, and leadership skills. As a member of Toastmasters Club #148 in Tulsa Oklahoma, where I have received great feed back and evaluations on my speeches and speaking skills.

Can you become successful without setting goals? The answer is no. People who do not have set goals drift aimlessly in life. Goals give your life and activities purpose. A lions that runs on the plains of the African safari does so with a purpose. It runs after a prey it has stalked. An athlete that does hundreds of laps a day does so with the purpose of winning medals. If you want to succeed in life, you need to set goals. This is crucial. Having no goals is like setting out on a journey and not knowing the destination. Successful people know the importance of goal setting. They have it written down and have set dates to accomplish them. Their goals are crystal clear and so should ours.

Katrina’s second sports motivational speaker kick came months later when she robbed us of construction crews tradesmen and building supplies. Union pay scales in New Orleans lured our workers away. Special legislation for Katrina victims gave them tax breaks unavailable to hurricane victims in the 2004 or early 2005 season.

Give yourself some variety in your routine! If you always start your day by immediately checking & responding to emails – change that up by starting your day with a meditation, inspirational reading or form of gentle exercise. Vary what you do every day to keep it energized & interesting! If you always take the same route on your way to work, change your route. Variety is the spice of life!

Of the 6-5/5-6 teams, I like the Vikings. They have won three of their past four games and they have the easiest remaining schedule. Detroit has the game advantage right now, but the Lions have to play Dallas, Green Bay and San Diego while the toughest game left for the Vikings is this week’s home game against the Lions. All of the other 5-6 teams have at least one game remaining against a division leader.

I look back on the time fondly, but at times it was hell. As a professional top keynote speakers, I’d pack my bag, leave my tin can home, and head to another part of the country to motivate and inspire an audience. I’d return home to learn that the plumber had disappeared in the night with our money and our plumbing supplies. The air-conditioning kid was never seen again and neither was our money. The building inspector wanted us to redo a week’s worth of work. I cried with a neighbor as she told us about her crook of a general contractor who absconded with more than $100,000.

I believe in synchronicity and that the things I experience day by day teach me about Love. Even in the news, where it’s hard to find love, teaches me it’s there, if I see it. Lessons and wisdom catch me by surprise sometimes. I just read this morning that there is a newspaper, called “The Dot” that has the motto; “Nothing Happened And We Want To Report It.” It is a wonderful non-dualistic thought that there is nothing but Love in the world, it doesn’t happen, It Is, and there is plenty of news in that story.

I now recommend this program to all of my friends. Where I live the unemployment is high. Many of my friends have been laid off and the prospects of finding new work low. For them the ability to make money online is an early Christmas present. Even those friends who are still employed want the economic security of a second income with a way to make money on the internet. In today’s world who can blame them.