“Just Common Sense” Tips For Diving With Your Underwater Camera

I’ve been a photographer for a number of years, more than I care to think about, right from the days of the Brownie, the Polaroid and had always been a film user until fairly recently. In my every day job, I use Nikon DSLR cameras, but every now and then I see something I would like to capture when I don’t have these bulky cameras to hand. I decided it was time to buy myself a point and shoot camera. Which to buy? There are so many on the market, as we all know, and it’s confusing. Armed with more than the usual little bit of knowledge of photography, I headed out to do a bit of research.

If you’re facing such conundrum, perhaps you should consider purchasing lower priced cameras. Considering how you won’t be using the machine much, its life span should be just as great as ordinary priced cameras. You’d actually be surprised how worth it cheap digital cameras can be these days. For a mere USD 300.00 as your budget, here are the top 5 cheap digital cameras that are available in the market.

In the group priced between $199.00 and $275.00 we find that there are three strong choices. The Canon SD1400 and SX130, the Nikon S6000 fits in here too. All are 14 megapixel cameras and all shoot HD video.

If you want the most compact camera Nikon has to offer, you might want to check out the COOLPIX S01 with 10.1 Megapixels / 3x Zoom. This camera can easily fit in the palm of your hand with room to spare. It also comes with a strap you can put around your neck like a necklace. It is very light weight. This camera would be great to take to theme park or on a hiking outing where you don’t want to be bulked down.

You will want a camera bag with a design that you enjoy so that you will be proud to carry the case around with you. There are many different styles when it comes to bags. You can purchase the single shoulder strap version or a backpack style. The design of the bag you choose can help you distribute the weight of your camera and accessories over your body, helping you carry the items without straining your shoulders or back.

Decide what type of camera you will need? Will it be a point and shoot pocket best 360 camera or something more advanced, a higher end (more quality) consumer camera, semi-pro or even some pro level camera.

If buying used is considered, a trip to ebay.com might be the ticket. Just be sure to know the seller (follow your gut) and trust that what they are saying is the truth about what they are selling. Buyer beware.

Sure the Nikon D7000 camera isn’t the best out there. There are pro cameras that shoot better, that focus better, that do many things better, but each and every one of them will cost at least a thousand dollars more. At this price, the Nikon D7000 is unbeatable. You get pro camera quality for enthusiast pricing. If you’re an enthusiast and you want to take your shooting to the next level, or are just looking for a great camera that isn’t super expensive, the Nikon D7000 camera is the one for you.