Linkedin – Are You Making The Most Of It In Your Job Search?

LinkedIn is becoming more and more poplar as a social media marketing networking tool as opposed to the job seekers resource. The creation of groups, iPhone applications, slide shares has really changed the way that we interact in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still widely used by job seekers but also by those looking to hire a company based upon their profile, summaries and answers to questions. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile not only helps your on page/profile searches by having your summary optimized but also with search engine rankings. A two for the price of one here!

This internet business tip is known as Attraction Marketing. I will tell you where to get some free resources to help you on this and other related topics within internet network marketing at the end of this article.

Create Browse new topics s in LinkedIn, which will also highly valued content by search engines. Don’t you have a company profile in LinkedIn, What you can do is create an employee profile and then add your company name. Once one entry is added you can see a page created for your brand. In Naymz you can also claim your company identity.

Make a calendar full of all the interesting dates that you can link your company or products to. You can also tie this to news from related industries. This will help you connect to a larger story. Usually this holiday or related industries twist won’t make it automatically newsworthy, but it makes it better.

These questions assume that you truly desire to make an income from eBay and have already set specific working hours (one of the most important eBay Business tips I can give you).

Create a sample site in Webnode. It is a free web site creation tool but high search engine friendly. The inbuilt options give you the way to set up site maps, optimize the site. You can have some related content in the site and have some bookmarking.

The marketplace is changing and evolving every single day. Here are three major recent innovations that are changing the world RIGHT NOW. These are movements that are going to stick. These are innovations that might just force you to change your operating strategies and marketing plans. These are innovations that as a small business owner you cannot afford to ignore.

Remember you want to show value to your visitor so that you can stand out from the other 97% that put 100 links and their company banner. If you are brand new and are wondering how you can show value, pick up an e-book or a course on a marketing strategy and teach it for FREE! That is ATTRACTION MARKETING my friend!