Living With A Binge-Eating Disorder

I’ve been watching Paul Casey’s golf improvement this year starting with his consistent golf performance in Abu Dhabi when he was talking optimistically about getting into the top 20 in the world. Now, with his second-place finish at the World Golf Championships at Dove Mountain and his consummate performance at the Shell Houston Open last weekend, he’s at number six on the world rankings. With his golf mind working this well, he’s surely one of the favourites to win this week at Augusta.

Hyperfocus- When something captures your attention, you can focus on it for hours. The ability to mentally tune out distractions and become so focused means you can get a lot done, as well as have a huge sense of satisfaction afterwards. This is similar to what Czech online psychologist consultation Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “Flow.” Time disappears and your actions flow from you.

Visualization requires concentration at your end. Keep in mind you’re trying to access your subconscious. If you allow yourself to be disturbed by a lot of things, such as your environment and even your own emotion, you will find yourself only accessing your conscious mind.

Choose a small number of rules that are absolute and stick to them! These rules should be non-negotiable and carry with them clear and immediate consequences if they are broken. In my family, rules about safety are set in stone. If you ride your bike without a helmet, you lose bike privileges for a week. No exceptions. This way I know my child is always going to wear his helmet, and I save myself the hassle of arguing with him each day after school about whether he can ride his bike without it.

Joe would meet me to spar wherever I was teaching that particular night. One night it would be a basketball court, the next afternoon a college gym or a boxing club. At the same time, I was developing a strong following of students, mostly my college class students who became “karate addicts.” They took my two-hour college class and then followed me to wherever I was teaching to take more classes.

Know where you are now. Know what your goal is and be aware of your progress. If you see improvement, then you know what you are doing is productive for you. If not, you might want to try something else rather than staying with something that is not helping you to improve.

Once you’ve got your list together start to see if you can group the ideas into themes and decide which themes are most appealing to you. Do further research if required before working out how to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.