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In addition to not bringing Canadian currency (which I soon discovered would have been nice to have gotten at the border where we were questioned) I wished that I had read up a little more about the city of Toronto, Canada. Upon reaching the outskirts of the city (around 3:00 A.M.) I realized that Toronto was a lot bigger than I imagined. This city was enormous and I had not thought to bring a map or any sort of printed directions. All that I had to go on was what I remembered from the website where I had found this mall.

Qualifying questions usually ask things like occupation and if you use a certain product, always choose none of the above for occupation and always choose at least 3 products.

When you are a seller, be sure you are courteous to any customers who contact you with questions. Be sure the merchandise is fairly represented in your listing information and picture. And, it is best to be overly upfront with any flaws in the product to avoid disappointed customers and bad feedback. My Ebay store link is included at the end. Notice my feedback. Also notice my listings, and observe how forthright my decriptions are. When there is a flaw, I list a flaw! Usually, I even take a picture of the flaw!

And the most important point is to keep your “describe yourself” field short and to the point and free from spelling and grammatical errors. The secret to attract the opposite sex is not to reveal too much about yourself in your profile. This will keep a potential date hooked. Don’t appear nerdy or geeky. Include in your Sports and more passions and hobbies like photography, driving, adventure sports, martial arts, music, sports, travelling etc.

Since crooks only target lone travelers, going out in a group at night keeps danger at bay. Just make sure to choose your company well because they may be the kind that starts trouble.

Parking is available near St. Maron and St. Boniface on Seventh and University avenues (the end point of the procession) with shuttle bus rides to Holy Cross. If it rains, the procession and social will be held at St. Maron.