Loose Diamonds Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Diamonds are forever, a girls best friend, and downright expensive. In order to put that diamond ring on your finger, someone has to mine, ship, process, inspect, polish, set, and ultimately sell that diamond. With all of these various steps, it’s no wonder why diamonds are among the world’s most expensive items. Of every diamond mined throughout the world every year, far less than half will be gem quality. What happens to the rest of the diamonds?

Ovals offer a degree of brilliance and sparkle similar to that of the round brilliant. This is mainly because the facets of the two types of 鑽石價格 are similar in shape and dimensions. Both of these type of diamonds reflect light very well, resulting in the ideal sparkle that is thought to give diamonds their unique beauty.

Ovals vary somewhat in shape, with some being very close to round, while others are more elongated. The minimum length to width ratio for an oval is around 1.25, while the maximum is about 1.75.

These basic points should help you form an opinion of the value of a piece of diamond, and was hopefully helpful. After you make your purchase, remember to learn how to clean diamonds. By cleaning your diamond rings and diamond jewelry well, the diamonds you buy will remain sparkling and brilliant for many years to come.

Loose diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes like round, oval, radiant, emerald, cushion etc. These are the basic cuts. They are also available in fancy cuts like heart shaped, princess and pear cut. They are not very cheap, so you really need to be careful while selecting them. While you are purchasing loose diamonds make sure that you ask for Diamond grading certificate from the dealer. That would give you an idea about its weight, color, clarity and cut.

Never be in a hurry while selecting diamonds, as you know it’s something which is really very precious and expensive. So take your own time to select the apt and beautiful diamond or diamond ring for yourself or your spouse. Moreover when you’re selecting a diamond ring, make sure you check the four important C’s of diamonds. It doesn’t mean that you have to check it in a professional manner but the basics of the 4 C’s, which a normal man can check and analyze. The four C’s include color, carat, cut and clarity.

The story shows that sometimes the things we want in life could be much closer than we think. The irony is that a person could be searching for things of great value in far off lands, when all the things of value that we are looking for could be right where we live. So the fact is we may already have the diamonds we need in an idea. One great idea could be the thing that could get you all the diamonds that you want in life. So could everything that you possibly desire be much closer and nearer than you think.