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Candles bring a special element to home decor. They bring a pleasing scent and a warm glow from the flame. There are many different designs and colors to choose from so that your candle have a candle that fits your style. It is easy enough to find a candle pretty much anywhere. But there is a great feeling sitting in a room filled with candles you have made. It really is easier to make candles than you might think.

Our second batch of artistic candles were created by using milk cartons as well. She called them Lacey Candles, and when they were finished, they did indeed look like lace. Once the wax was melted, the color and the fragrance added she filled up the cartons with ice. When the wax was poured and had dried, the candles did look like small squares of lace.

This project is very easy and goes quickly. Even better, you’ll actually be doing some candle making! We’re going to make 3 scents: cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin. When all 3 are lit it will smell almost identical to a fresh pumpkin pie. Of course if you don’t feel like making 3 different candles, you could easily just blend the scents together.

The next necessary supply you will need is wicks. There are many different types of wicks and as you progress, you will begin to favor one type of wick over another. There are pre-tabbed wicks and un-tabbed wicks. You may want to try each one to see which one works for you. There are also different thicknesses of wicks available and the size of the wick you will use will be determined by the size of the candle that you are making. You should read the label on the wick packet and it will tell you what size wick you should use. There are also different types of wicks for paraffin wax versus soy or all natural wax. All of these things factor into what type of wick you should use. Experiment with these to find which types works for you.

When I first began making candles the traditional container or pillar candle was my image of Candle making Singapore. Then learning about casting opened up the idea of making candles in the shape of fruits and vegetables. In time the figures that fit into Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays opened the door to plastic and latex molding.

The wicks that you choose are also very important, avoid using zinc wicks and go for all natural cotton wicks instead. Cotton wicks work very well for natural candle making and they absorb the soy wax which makes the candles burn cleaner. Now for some instructions to making an all natural candle, are you ready?

Gel waxes with a 0-3% density (considered low) is unique for candles contain a fragrance. It may also be poured into your candle molds during a lower temperature. Heavily saturated fragrance gel waxes work best with densities in the 3-5% range. Among all types, gel waxes are the most popular among many candle makers who wish to create candles containing decorations. You can drop just about any object into your cooling gel wax to give your candles a unique look. However, be cautious the materials you use to decorate your gel candles will not burn. Although gel wax is fun to work with there are more steps involved in selecting the right grade of gel wax for your candle.

I had the wicks all set, and poured the wax into some large glass vases I had found at a garage sale. I was pleasantly surprised as the addition of the flowers and the coffee beans gave the candles a rich texture that you could see through the glass. And viola! my first scented candle making venture turned out to be quite successful. In the future, I will be working with candle making molds that work for holiday themes such as Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as molds that simply say Get Well or Happy Birthday. The possibilities are endless with the options of molds you can find. Many of the candles I make are simply the right color for my home. Adding scents to candles is not difficult, and in doing so you create a complete and wonderfully aromatic addition to your home for all occasions.