Networking, Palatine, And Social Media.

You may have your reasons for wanting to check up on someone. These reasons are personal, but may also have a use in the business world. You have probably heard that you can run a background check on those you want to hire, but in reality, any time you check up on someone, you are doing the same type of background check. In general, some are worth paying for, but you can find some information for free, especially when you just want to know because of a nagging feeling.

In our case study, a start-up business approached his target market, and asked them if they knew a good accountant in their area. They had one of three responses: No, I don’t know an accountant; yes I know an accountant; or no response.

Invite the hiring manager to connect with you on My LinkedIn. Even if you don’t end up being offered the position, you still want to remain in contact with the hiring manager because of the networking opportunities. So, this is a good tactic to keep in your back pocket for when you haven’t heard from him or her in a while. Make sure you personalize the invitation note.

It is to be noted that search engines like Google run programs like Google AdWords which allow you to put your site/business on top of the SERP. However, your site does not appear in the organic section. Your site appears in the ‘paid or sponsored section’ of the result pages.

Follow-up, follow-up – You probably have a bunch of business cards somewhere on a drawer or on your desk from people you met last year at networking event. Did you use those cards in anyway to build your network and grow your business? For sure if the cards stay in your drawer you won’t get any business or referrals from those people. Pick-up the phone, call them to learn more about their business, ask them how you can help them. Give them advice, resources or referrals. Meet them for a coffee, contact them on a regular basis with a phone call, a greeting card, send an article of interest, send them your newsletter, or connect them with other people. Track what you do to make sure you are always in communication with them.

New entrants in web arena and the lagging-behind website owners would do well to hire a competent link building company and entrust them with the responsibility of taking their website ahead in the race of getting links. If they think of doing it on their own, they would do nothing more than getting lost in the race.

When joining networking sites such as LinkedIn, you have to take the time to create productive profiles and pages. Put the time and effort into all the above enhancements and your LinkedIn profile will be much more effective.