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Hill stations like Manali and Kodaikanal are always rippling with tourists from all over the country. But when you are going for a hillside holiday, then there are some special things you better pack. This article throws some light on the subject.

Ask your wedding photographers to put the details of your contract in writing when hiring them. There are many different options to choose from, such as the number of prints, whether or not proofs are included, how much of a deposit is needed, etc. Make sure you thoroughly understand what the photographer will provide so there are no misunderstandings after the wedding.

The location of the UK means that they we have the whole of Europe on our doorstep, but France is our closest neighbour. With Paris being in the north of France, it is therefore very close to home and easy to get to.

Between the races, stay connected with GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing on Twitter and Facebook ; keep up with Daytona International Speedway via Twitter and Facebook as well.

Most people plan for vacations throughout the year. Unexpected weekend getaways in Bristol or splurging on an extra adventure can leave a budget needing some help. So where do you go for help when your expenses had a spike in activity?

Starting from the North Point of delhi you have Corbett Park. It is 300 Km from the capital city. Follow the Hapur-Muradabad-Ramnagar route to reach this park if you want to travel through roadways. The nearest airport Phoolbagh is Weekend getaways just Km from the park. The best time of the year to visit the park is between November and June. Though many prefer coming here in summers as wild animals comes out of forest in search of water which shows the best of wildlife in Corbett. The Park is out of bounds from July till October, that’s when monsoon clouds covers, the sky.

Do remember the following: get gas before driving to Mount Charleston. There are no gas stations on or near the mountain! And, if you are camping, be sure to bring plenty of charcoal for cooking. The campsites all come equipped with charcoal grills. Lastly, check the weather before camping. The last time our family camped was over a Memorial Day weekend. The mountain was cool and comfortable during the day, but the temperatures dropped to 40 degrees at night, and we were freezing in our sleeping bags.

The great thing is that if you get a flight, you can be there and on your way to your hotel in little more than an hour or so. This certainly beats getting in the car and facing a long trip to the nearest dreary seaside resort in the UK, which is what a lot of people have tended to do in the past.