Prevent Hair Damage From Straighteners With Hair Oil

These days we all work hard and play hard. Families are on the move between school, after-school activities, work, housework. I get it, we don’t take time sit and relax. We can’t always make it to the local spa for a massage. You may be one of the lucky ones whose company provides the relief of a chair massage!

Yes, there’s a reason why it’s called “work” and not “play”, but if you like the work you’re doing, you’ll feel more energized. Sure you’ll still long for lazy days at the beach instead of long mobile massage days in front of your computer screen but you’ll long for them a lot less often. You’ll find it’s easier to get up in the morning and easier to fight off the temptations of FaceboOK and your Fantasy Football roster.

Make sure that you your employees will meet and create work relationships. That way you will not only reduce employee stress, but also you will improve the performance of your employees. To make that happen, you may consider creating for example book club or other place for social activity.

Jiva Wellness halted our in home massage business almost a year and half ago so we could focus on just doing chair massage. We still get numerous requests for in home mobile massage johannesburg and we spend a lot of time referring out to massage therapists all over NY, NJ and CT as clients don’t know where to go to find mobile massage therapists. We are grateful to have come in contact with so many awesome therapists and we feel like our clients still want this service so we were really compelled to do something about it.

A quality massage table should come with a lifetime warranty. If you cannot find one with a lifetime warranty, look for a brand that offers an extended warranty and make sure to buy the extra coverage.

Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing we have everything under control. We are juggling all the balls and not dropping any of them. We’re okay, right? That’s what we think and it may be true or not. If it’s not true it will show up in little ways.

I may still be missing out on that extra roll on my drives from golfing over the hill, but at least the enjoyment is back! And that’s what really matters.