Printable Disney Coloring Pages

Easter 2013 is just around the corner, so it’s a great time to celebrate the popular springtime holiday with kids. To get your family into the spirit of Easter, here are some fun facts about candy, resources for free printables and crafts for kids of all ages, and 2013 events in Atlanta.

There are 15 Thomas the Tank free printable coloring pages. There are coloring pages of Thomas the Tank Engine and also his friends. When you go to this site, click on the menu bar which is at the top and then scroll down until you see the Thomas the Tank link.

At this link you will find a free printable of a Letter L booklet. There is a box on each page for a picture of something that starts with the letter L, as well as room for writing out the letter L word.

Outside of getting a piece of jelly that you can use to feed your Neopet, there are some other cool things in this mysterious world. You can stop by the Jelly Store to get items like “Jelly Stars”, “Jelly Green Tea”, “Jelly Sponge Cake”, “Jelly Sushi” and the “Apple Jelly Apple”. Items that are sold in the Jelly Foods store are classified as Jelly Food but so are the free pieces that you can get from the Giant Jelly however those are tagged as “special” items in your inventory. The free ones will feed your pet twice!

Coloring Book Fun has 16 free coloring books for St. Patrick’s Day. These coloring pages are more what I would have expected to see for St. Patrick’s Day. There are horseshoes, leprechauns, rainbows, a pot of gold and a shamrock or four leaf clover. Coloring book fun has the traditional free St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages.

Coloring Castle All the coloring pages are free and printable on this site. You can download and print as many copies as you like — for your personal use or for the classroom. Kids can Color individual pages or download a bunch to make your own coloring book. This site contains so many coloring pages such as alphabets, number, and shapes, map, holiday & more.

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