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Starting January 1, 2010, under capitalized banks have to set rates at or below the Weekly rates that the FDIC publishes. Search for “fdic weekly national rates” in your favorite browser for the current certificate rates.

Juanita: All these events, political, environmental and social, are tied in together with man positioning himself as the center of the universe. Global warming and the ecological situation is related to the disregard of responsibility to a higher authority, as in the creator; after all, if we are the result of one Big Bang, so let another bang fix it, or not. Corporate and False flags corruption are the natural result of our own unchecked greed, why not, are we not the center of the universe? And if we are, what difference, if it feels good…just do it. When everything became relative, our own destruction became inevitable.

The only time I can recall when Jesus took up a collection was when He took the loaves and fishes and fed the 5,000; and the time when He was asked about paying taxes; and he asked for a coin to demonstrate that we are to give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s. This question was posed to trap Him between the government and the religious sect of that time.

What happens? We hang up and the Governmental Corruption whole thing gets forgotten. You could even be forgiven for asking if some companies actually want to manage and act upon the feedback of their customers’?

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Strangely, the motivation for this leaderless concept is ‘holiness’. “We have reached a level of holiness”, so I have heard them reason, “Where all of us listen to the Holy Spirit”. We do not need leaders. Having leaders, so they reason, is the source of problems within Christianity.

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