Shared Or Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

When you are in the home care business (medical or non medical), you must have tried your own ways of lead generating before as well. The traditional methods of lead generation are too monotonous and time consuming. When you try them out for your lead generation business, you are bound to face rejection initially. It is only after a lot of pursuing that these methods actually start producing results.

Recently I read a dozen articles about purchasing internet insurance leads to stimulate your insurance sales. While I did agree with some of the material issues presented, I found the articles heavily slanted. In fact, so slanted, that many of the articles seemed to disguise themselves as advertisements. When glancing at the author’s biography, I found the author often headed up a firm selling internet insurance leads. Few of these authors ever even sold insurance or experienced the financial difficulties most agents initially incur.

Spend some time thinking in a non-specific way about your business and your industry. Ask yourself questions like the following: What particular aspects of your business do you do well? What services do you wish existed but don’t? What services from another industry or another geographic area do you think would work well in your business?

Duplicating your success throughout your downline is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve huge levels of success. Your downline has to understand what you do and they have to believe that they can do the same thing. A simple system always works the best. If calling MLM leads is the base of your simple system then massive duplication is possible to achieve.

As long as the Lead provider can truly provide you with exclusive mortgage leads (for me to consider a lead source as honest is no more than 30% of their solar appointments are already working with someone else when you call) then Solar Lead companies are the way to go. You get better ROI, you don’t have to fight as much for the deal, you get higher commissions per deal, and you increase your production capacity from a time standpoint as it takes less calls to close a loan.

Do not look for “The Deal”. Spend your time and energy finding a good company and executive to work with. If you are looking for the cheap penny pinching way out, or “pay per performance” or “revenue sharing” model to buy leads you will be disappointed. Companies who work on a cost-per-lead, prepaid basis MUST produce a quality, and consistent lead. If they do not, they are out of business in an instant. This is why there are only a handful of major players in the lead gen business today. Most of the rest are brokers.

Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for your own autoresponder software and a dedicated server for your email marketing. You will then find yourself doing nothing for weeks while you try to set it all up and figure out how it works. Complete online solutions are much easier to use, require little or no setup, and are subscription based. This keeps your email marketing start up costs low while also making your costs easier to manage.