Stress-Free Party Hosting

You’ll definitely want to make sure that you have got the food right. Depending on whether it’s a corporate party for work, or whether it’s a family event, you might want a formal sit down meal, or maybe an informal standing buffet will be more appropriate. No matter what you want, you’ll need to get organised so that you get the meal you want.

If the party has a theme, how about awarding the best dressed guest? Another alternative would be to award employees that have been working hard throughout the year. A company Christmas party might also be the best time to update everyone about the company’s goals for incoming year. Christmas is close to the end of the year and such an event is a good opportunity to get everyone involved in the company’s goals.

Little princesses get hungry, so make sure to have snacks ready! Holiday sugar cookies are a must, and don’t forget the hot chocolate! You could serve apple cider in long-stemmed glasses or hot coca with peppermint sticks to let the girls feel that they are a more fancy grown-up meal. Princesses like anything dainty, so try cutting up fruits small and serving it with toothpicks.

Seashells & Starfishes- Aren’t we fond of collecting seashells and starfishes at the shore? We are all fascinated by these sea creatures so it would be understandable if we include them in our beach parties. They are not only ideal as party and wedding favors but also as decorations.

Have an “ugly sweater” theme. The person with the ugliest sweater wins a prize. This can be a good Event game for parties in which everybody doesn’t know each other.

This can be a very exciting thing to do. In this way you can set the mood of the party for both kids and their parents. You can go for the cartoon themes or any other Summer party themes to get everyone in the party mood.

Receiving a handmade Christmas card is usually a special treat. Gather your friends together for a holiday crafting time and make Christmas cards. The cards will either be made for private use, or designate an outreach close to your heart. The cards might be taken to a nursing home, childrens’ hospital ward, or sent to the troops.

26 ways to say Christmas: Pass around a piece of paper to each person and have each person write out the alphabet going down one side. Have each person write down a Christmas related word that begins with each letter. The person with the most words will win the biggest prize of the night. It can be anything such as a holiday ornament or something else that is special.