The Frugal Retiree’s Tips For Travel Savings

As oil gets ever more expensive, we all need to find ways to save gasoline. Here I’m going to list a number of alterations you might want to make to your driving style, they will have a marked effect on your fuel economy.

Lighten up on the accelerator. The faster you drive, the more gas you use. Speed limits have gone up around most of the nation, but you don’t have to see your fuel consumption go up drastically as well. For example, driving 55 miles per hour rather than driving 65 miles per hour can economy tips by two miles per gallon.

One factor in this change is a massive shift in the dominant unit of technology, the building block of our total economy. 30 years ago the best technology was expensive, and big companies were the only ones that could afford it.

The solution is amazingly easy. Which is why others have had you using moth balls, sulphur, hybrid cars and other useless and sometimes, hazardous, gadgets and stuff.

√łkonomi is so controversial at times and so simple at other times. What is going on in the world, especially in the United States, is frustrating at best. One side wants to bring in big money, the taxpayers, and bail out those who got us into this mess. The other side wants to let it ride and see how the score settles. Neither is right and neither is wrong. There are at least these two ways of looking at the same economic issue and coming up with a variety of solutions, often contradictory. When it comes to supply and demand, it does get a little simpler, at least in theory. If Hawaii precast concrete gets orders for two hundred precast concrete barriers and they can only make one hundred and ninety, then the supply is smaller than the demand.

One of the great advantages of a custom fit Tonneau Cover is that it will keep whatever you carry in the bed of your pickup safe from all of those nasty elements outside, the dirt, the dust, the mud, the snow, the ice, the rain, the dew, the hail, and those pesky UV rays from the sun. They also keep those crazy insects, birds, varmints, and the local kitty cat off of your stuff. You don’t need bird droppings, tree sap, or the slop from some tree splattering all over your gear. It’s a breeze to wash off your cover if it gets dirty, and a whole lot easier than hand washing all your tools and equipment!

Quick on the draw and a fast shooter. If it moves shoot it. The idea of a drive by shooter is that you need to get in quick, open fire on your intended victims and get out fast and onto the next job. Hopefully at the end of the day when you review your images there should be some that are great images. This idea is coupled with the Shakespeare effect and the hope that quantity will eventually produce quality. Unless you are a pro with years of experience, particularly in sport, your chances of the quick draw and spraying the area hoping for images of quality are minimal.