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From Minnesota, it’s easy to wonder, “Is it really that bad?” On one hand, India seems so modern with its notable accomplishments in science and technology. On the other, it seems decades behind in its attitudes towards women. In a globalizing world, those attitudes affect all of us– even yoga teachers in Minneapolis!

Many restaurants in Maui are open-air. It’s unique to be in a nice restaurant, yet be outside enjoying beautiful weather. The seafood is mouth-watering. Our favorite spot was Swan Court at the Regency Hyatt. It’s elegant and peaceful as the swans drift by tableside. Any restaurant equipped with waterfalls cascading over rocks is alright by me.

Z talked about ‘jumping off.’ He’s reading a book about Kit Carson and his tour vietnam from Missouri to New Mexico in the early 1800’s. When someone decided to leave Missouri for further west they were jumping off. This was crazy dangerous and took a huge leap of faith and commitment. I know it sounds way corny and it did to us the night before the game, but if you think about it, it was relevant to our situation. Jump off to beat the Cowboys. Maybe Z is the pep talk expert. I mean, before the New Orleans game the topic was ‘be excellent,’ a line from George Carlin in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Following the museum, you can visit Ho Chi Minh’s vestige. This is wherever the wonderful gentleman lived and worked. You will also get to see the following the homes wherever he lived in, which are usually held clear as the day he died.

Diamond Plaza is also a big shopping mall in tour vietnam city. It is at 34 Le Duan street, District 1 near the Notre Dame Cathedral. Diamond Plaza is older than Vincom but it still attracts many fashion fans visiting every day. Diamond Plaza hosts many famous brand names for clothes, accessories, cosmetic and toys, etc.

4) Bag snatchers: we were warned at our hotel when we arrived in HCMC to beware of people on motor bikes who drive by and snatch your bag or your camera right out of your hands. I am sure they were there five years ago but not so prevalent that anyone mentioned them. This seems to be a more common problem in HCMC than Hanoi. The two cities have very different atmospheres. HCMC is more of a party place for backpackers.

The Temple of Literature: Originally built as a temple to Confucius, this is the site of Vietnam’s first University dating back to 1070. Inside are the stone steles mounted on the backs of turtles, inscribed with names of Vietnam best scholars. The temple highlights the importance that Vietnamese society place then and now on education.

Winter clothing-Tibet is a cold country. It is located in an altitude of 16,000 ft. Thus you can expect a chilly weather in this country. To protect yourself from the chilly and frozen winds, carry warm garments along with you. Thick coats, warm gloves, wind-proof shoes, socks, woolen sweaters and sweat shirts can be of great help to you. Women must avoid wearing dresses or skirts while in Tibet.