Your Child And Crib Safety

Looking for a baby crib mattress? Shopping for a mattress for your little one is unlike buying one for the adults. It is a decision that may eventually affect your baby’s well-being. In most cases, a crib mattress will be your baby’s companion for at least 3 to 4 years – one the most important part of their life when they are budding and growing.

It is important to choose the best pack and play reviews for the baby because security is of the prior concern. As there are varieties of crib mats available in the market it is hard to find the optimum one. Hence, one of the best quality products available is the natural latex mats.

This mattress from Serta features a good amount of support. Serta used layers of Polyester. They have also incorporated 4 vents to allow air to seep inside the mattress and regulate temperature. This way, your baby will not suffer from night sweats.

The product has gone through countless washing and drying cycles, and it has held up well. In fact, I’m about to give it to my sister since she has recently had a baby, and she says that it seems almost like new.

Canopy – Canopy baby cribs comes in standard rectangular shape or in a round shape. This type of cribs has posts which you can place fabric canopies. This is more expensive than a standard crib. You will also spend more money buying bedding since you will have to buy bedding that includes the canopy.

Change the bed sheets regularly. You should change sheets at least once a week to keep the mattress clean and fresh. Also clean the pillows and bolsters.

Make sure crib mattress fits comfortably with merely two (2) fingers width between mattress and crib side and it should be firm. A mattress that is too small or too soft increases the risk of entrapment or suffocation.